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Monday-Saturday 9AM – 10PM • Sunday 10AM-6PM


Come visit the Westfield Spirit Shop for our huge selection of Micro brew’s, as well as the tried and true brands, such as Budweiser, Coors, and Miller. All of our beers are ice cold and readily available. We are particularly bullish on local brews such as BBC from Deerfield and Opa Opa from nearby Southampton, as well as our strong Vermont brewery section.

We also carry an inventory of kegs for your party needs and will special order the keg of your choice.

Beer Styles
Ale The English-language term for a brew made with a top-fermenting yeast, which should impart to it a distinctive fruitiness. Ales are produced to a wide variety of colours, palates and strengths, such as Bitter, Brown Ale, India Pale Ale, Light Ale, Mild, Old Ale, Scotch Ale, etc).
Bock The German term for a strong beer. Bock beers are served in autumn, late winter or spring, depending upon the country.
Lager Any beer made by bottom-fermentation. In the German-speaking world and The Netherlands, the term may be used to indicate the most basic beer of the house, the biere ordinaire.
Pilsner A classic Pilsener, has a gravity of around 12 Balling and is characterized by the hoppiness of its flowery aroma and dry finish.
Stout An extra-dark, almost black, top-fermenting brew, made with highly roasted malts. Dry stout, the Irish style, is typified by Guinness, which comes in at around 4 percent in the British Isles, a little more in North America and as much as 8 in tropical countries.
Some great resources for beer information may be found at the beerhuntersite.You may also find some great information at Beer Styles 101.