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Scantic River Brewery Sale

What’s on sale now?

We’ve got  Scantic River Brewery as our sale brewery for the next two weeks!


“Our “Peacemaker” Double IPA is brewed with 2 rows, specialty grains and generously hopped. Peace Out . . . “

-Scantic River

On Sale for $9.99!

North Trail Ale

“The North Trail IPA is crafted using generous amounts of American hop varieties combined with premium 2-row, crystal and honey malts, giving this beer a citrus flavor with hints of grapefruit and tangerine.” -Scantic River


On Sale for $9.99!

Killer Bee

“Killer Bee is a double honey ale that is made from both local and real killer Bee honey, premium two row malt, specialty malts and finishing hops.This light colored ale has a distinct sting, at a mean 8.5% alcohol by volume. The bees won’t be the only ones buzzing over it.” – Scantic River

On Sale for $9.99!

Sale items available while supplies last. Bottle deposits not included.

What is this sale?

We’ve got so many great craft beers in our cooler that it can sometimes feel a little overwhelming to choose just one (or two) to take home. Do you choose your old standard or try something funky and new? Now, it’s a little easier to do both.

How does it work?

How this sale works is simple: every two weeks we pick a brewery and mark down their beers so that you have a chance to give something new a shot without breaking the bank!